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Lefèvre Arts and Antiques
Fine objects  ref. Picasso
Fine objects  ref. Matisse
Fine objects  ref. Clesse
Fine objects  ref. Rubens
Fine objects  ref. Jordaens
Fine objects  ref. Robbe
Fine objects  Ref. Teniers
Fine objects  ref. Hoppenbrouwers
Fine objects  ref. Madou
Fine objects  French Louis XV Cartel
Fine objects  A pair of 18th century soup tureens
Fine objects  Silver Entree Dishes 
Fine objects  English Marquettry Box
Fine objects  An important pair of Venitian Mirrors
Fine objects  An important pair of Venitian Mirrors
Fine objects  Chinese porcelain potiches
Fine paintings  André Louis Lambert
Fine paintings  Russian Icon 'The Virgin of Korsun'
Fine paintings  Christiaen Cornelis Kannemans
Fine paintings  Russian Icon 'The Mother of God of Tikhvin'
Fine paintings  Jean-Luc Beaufils
Fine paintings  Russian Quadripartite Icon
Fine paintings  Franz Debeul
Fine paintings  Jean-Baptiste Louis Guy
Fine paintings  Russian Icon 'The Mother of God of Tikhvin'
Fine paintings  Victor Abeloos
Fine paintings  Jacques Fouquier attr.
Fine paintings  Alexander Denonne
Fine paintings  Pieter Gorus
Fine paintings  A view in the gallery
Fine paintings  Henriette Ronner Knip
Fine paintings  Henriette Ronner-Knip
Fine paintings  Ildephonse Stocquart 
Fine paintings  Philipp Jacob van Santvoort
Fine paintings  French School, 18th century
Fine paintings  Willem (Guillaume) Thans
Fine paintings  Roelant Savery
Fine paintings  William Cooper
Fine paintings  Frans Simons 
Fine paintings  Ferdinand Pire
Fine paintings  Dumonstier, French family of artists
Fine paintings  Felix Van Den Eycken
Fine paintings  Henri Roidot
Fine paintings  Robert Favarger
Fine paintings  André Laurenti 
Fine paintings  Frans Simons 
Fine paintings  Ferdinand De Braekeleer 'The Elder' 
Fine paintings  Jacques Henri Guyot
Fine paintings  Pieter Gerardus Sjamaar
Fine paintings  Louis Clesse
Period furnitures  A Louis XVI Console-Desserte
Period furnitures  Dutch Cabinet, circa 1765
Period furnitures  A Transition Commode
Period furnitures  Pair of early 18th century fauteuils
Period furnitures  Painted Bergères à la Reine
Period furnitures  A small entre-deux commode
Period furnitures  A small LXVI console-desserte
Period furnitures  A French Centre Table
Period furnitures  Pair of Mahogany fauteuils
Period furnitures  A Fine Cabinet-on-stand
Period furnitures  An 18th century Secrétaire à abattant
Period furnitures  An early 18th century commode
Period furnitures   A painted Louis XVI centre table 
Period furnitures  Pair of Louis XVI demi-lunes
Sculptures  Pair of silver knights in full armour
Sculptures  A sculpture of Empress Crispina
Sculptures  A stone Head of Buddha 
Sculptures  3 Terra-cotta  Infantrymen 
Sculptures  A Stucco Head of Bodhisattva Guanyin
Sculptures  Buddha Sakyamuni
Sculptures  A stone torse of Buddha
Sculptures  A pair of North-Vietnamese wood sculptures 
Sculptures  A bronze and marble sculpture
Sculptures  A pair of white marble reliefs
Sculptures  Ivory Christ Figure
Sculptures  A terra-cotta figure of Venus
Sculptures  Bronze signed by Leon Bonduel
Sculptures  A Bronze bust of Louis XV
Sculptures  A green marble female torso
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